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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

JungleJ's Production's in the works

Well, I've tryed all of the Production and Live Production programs available as I'm sure most of the Dubsteppers and independant producers out there have. For live production, Ableton is definately the way to go. For Master Production, I've had the best results with Sony Acid Pro. I have yet to work with ProTools, but word from a producer in my home town, its not worth it. I find that odd seeing how just about everthing is possible with Sony Acid Pro and Ableton, but I'll take his word for it and stick with the ones I'm comfortable with. And thats the main objective! Before buying any production software, try the TRIAL versions of each, and decide which one you are most comfortable with.

In my opinion Fruity Loops has the worst platform. The controls are tiny even when blown up on a big screen. It would be nice if Fruity Loops allowed the user to move the small editing windows outside of the main platform and on to your second screen. As well, it would be nice if Ableton allowed you to move the windows around at all. Ableton keeps everything on the main platform, so it has to stay on one screen in order for the user to be able to see the work they're doing properly.

There are many other programs available for waveform production, here are a few: DarkWave Studio 3.2.5, MixPad Audio Mixer(simple form of acid pro), WavePad Sound Editor(MixPad's twin), Beatcraft, DTAB V1.0 Editing, and Acoustica Beatcraft.

Please feel free to vote in the poll above on which production software you like best.


Well, lately Ive been droppin tha beatz at Ultimate Place 2B on Saturday nights. Its a smooth club in Kokomo Indiana. Its got two sides, a strip club side, and a dancehall side, as well as a rooftop. The system is sweet, lights n all... If anyone in the area or if anyone is going to be in the area drop me a line and we'll get you a date sorted out to MC or DJ. I'll be there droppin beatz this Safurday, January 29th from 10pm-3am, cover is only $5 after midnight!!! Check us out!!! This club has hosted 6blocc, Snoop Dogg, Twista, and way way toooo many more to name!!!


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Twitter Dubstep mix by @Junglejsipod via #soundcloud http://t.co/TKuuKlP

Dubstep Mashup by @Junglejsipod via #soundcloud http://t.co/yDgC9OT

UK Dubstep minimix by @Junglejsipod via #soundcloud http://t.co/BFs8sBS

Thursday, September 30, 2010

JungleJ's Top 25 or so

Like A Soldier Feat. Freshboi & M-bread (of 5th City) Spyda Video Vixen Feat. Fixx Ticket Spyda F*****g Heater Trillbass
Seven Figure Swagger (feat. Dubbledge, Badnessn & Rednaz) Foreign Beggars
Southwest Gangstaz Ultrablack & Xian1 Irma Vep (Trillbass Remix) Trillbass
Big Man Ting (feat. Frisco, Jammer & Tempa T) Terror Danjah
Haterz (feat. Youf & Lethal Bizzle) Terror Danjah
Full Moon (Appleblim & Komonazmuk The Black Ghosts
Sweatshop (Original Mix) ill.gates & Meesha
Next Hype (Plastician Vocal Remix) Tempa T Love Don't Cost a Thing / Still Grimey (Nebulla & Dore Remixes] [feat. Icewater, Method Man, U-God & Prodigal Sunn]
Business Man (Reso Remix)
Who Are You feat. Double S, Ice Kid, Maveric & Criminal by--> Chipmunk
10 Out of 10 (feat. Badness, Gappy Ranks & Maxwell D) Terror Danjah
Porn Star Feeder (feat. Danny Breaks, Gridlok) AK1200 Bomb Tha Blocks Bassnectar featuring Persia Bassnectar Kick It Complex Bassnectar featuring Persia Bassnectar Bear Trap (Excision Remix) UltraBlack
Unabomber Fragile Real Things Plastician
Selektah! Rod Azlan

Monday, September 20, 2010

Where is Indie music??

So here's my opinions on the grime n dubs that've been flyin outta cats from 6blocc n Bassnec to Plastitian Terror danja, ect.... That right there pretty much sums it all up... new music is in a revolutionary stage. No longer is it about commercialization. Its the whole planet throwin down... its talent, not what mass media is feedin ya. Its that live thang in tha clubs that get tha MC charged and the bass powndin! And its here to stay! Ragga Jungle Grime n Dubstep NOT DEAD!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Junglejsipod tha promoters bio

Ahhhh, Junglejsipod

Well junglejsipod is why I'm where I am today. I got an ipod touch from my sweety for xmas, then began to download cool apps and mad dubstep music. I started out reppin the ones I knew and had worked with in the past, jungle is something we've always been into!! Then DJ/Producers outside of the ones I knew started to reach out t me and suggest their music, they werent being personal, just marketing their music. But next thing they knew i was posting it up when it just hit the store the day before! They loved it, gave a little love, I got a little closer and a little closer. Before I knew it I was emailing Bassnectars management, recieving promo goodies to hand out to peeps, talkin to Dub Easy, DZbadman, Liondub, Bassline Smith, helpin DJs get their music heard, ect!

Well, It was still a mess!! To be honest i repped some crews s0 hard it actually made it harder to work with these folk, but what needed done, needed done, not all djs have global management crews. And in doing all of this I made awesome friends, hooked tha best music INSIDE tha planet, and its helped us grow along with every DJ Ive repped, so on goes Junglejsipod tha promoter. On twitter watch for #Ovaground, thats where Junglejsipod lives at. He packs tha best music itunes has to offer, has awesome tips on how to motivate your musical carreer, no bullcrap its me!!lol, he also can put you in touch with djs you probably dont even know are on twitter but everyones heard of. Its odd some cats dont eMarket at all! Well thats why Junglejsipod is here, turn to him, he'll rep your set, so long as have tha flavor he craves(-:

Im moving right now so hang in there if ya dont hear back asap as I live online with earbudz in dancin round tha crib!

Tomorrows post, Junglejsiphone tha manager bio

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who we are, What we do

WE, are, OvaGround Productions!

I, am Justin, I run tha dig. Jungle is most of what we do. But when were not dubsteppin all ever tha crib, were gettin inked up by some of the Nations Finest. I guess Jungle's been my love since age 18, now 31 years old, my fiance and I started traveling to tattoo conventions to track down an artist the way you would a DJ/Producer. We never imagined the two worlds together until my boss wanted to urine screen me because of some recent tattoos to tha neck and hands. Long story short, I cashed out the 401K, began to sell off thousands in tools from my 'previous' career as a cnc programmer, and picked up rights to manage a DJ that has already earned respect among his peers! Now I really LOVE to wake up. Checkin my email acount and updating him with his photo shoots, bookings, ect...life is love, like a drum. I cant explain it, tha beatz make me dance, they make me fist pump n dubstep tha crib, THEY EVEN MAKE ME CRY!!! Those Big Ups reserved for the EasySniper Soundcrew, Rcola, and a few others.

So here we are, with DJ Robotnik, whos previous works include: bringin tha N2O Dis Da Program world tour to a local venue, as well as 6Blocc, and then 6Blocc again,spinnin with Krinja, EasySniper Soundcrew, 6Blocc, General Malice, and Capitol J just to name a few. This already bad bwoy is bangin major bandaloo bizness pon de midwes!! This Dreadlocked ragga crazed souljah is too busy pon the decks, at tha lab mastering his first EP for release, takin shit from me(lol), raising a family, and working to manage himself. Sound Familiar?

So, were poppin up at venues, and now tattoo conventions! WoW! what an awesome way to spread tha dubz! WE ARE ACCEPTING PROMO GOODIES FOR OUR TATTOO EXPOS, which of course have to include none other than Easy Rider Trophy winners! We're quite an attraction at a venue let alone the expos where they dont see gettin a wompwomp upside tha head. This March 12 and 13th we will be doing the Elemental Arts Project, Kokomo, IN 46901. Google it, we looked it up on google to see and its there. If we get to hearing from some people we will do a live webcast, right during the set where Easy Rider Trophy winner Atom Bomb showcases the UltraViolet inks of Skin Candy ON MY FACE!! ha!club kidz!

Watch for DJ Robotniks blog, more of a bio, with fun stuff till the sites complete.

So please follow us on Twitter:

twitter keyword: #OvaGround

Promoter, @junglejsipod
Manager, @junglejsiphone
Promo, @Hoodstarz24
DJ Robotnik @DJ_Robotnik
sorry facebooks no fun and the websites not done)-: